Startup Screen

This is the first screen where you select options for the Geometry and Character set or select an existing problem from the library.

Execution always returns here at the end of any problem so that a new problem can be specified or the program can be shut down.


Options for Geometry are

9X9 Creates a standard 9 by 9 Sudoku composed of Rows, columns and Boxes in the usual manner
Library Opens a file dialog box to enable a previously saved problem to be recalled
New Allows creation of a totally new Geometry from scratch.


Options for Character Set

Numbers Characters (and Values) are the integers: 1, 2, …, up to #Chars (usually 9)
Letters Characters are the letters: A, B, …, Values are the integers 1, 2, …, up to #Chars
Hex Standard hexadecimal character set: 1,2,…9,0,a,b…f – forces #Chars = 16
Diabolical Special set of characters, forces #Chars = 9
Custom Opens a new window to allow special characters and values to be input.

Other Controls

Go Executes the choices defined in this screen and continues to next part of setup
Quit Shuts the program down. This is the normal way to exit since all other screens eventually return here
# Chars Enter the number of possibilities in any Cell. This defaults to 9.


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