Character Menu

This screen will be seldom used since the default characters are the numbers 1-9 for a 9X9 geometry and a hexadecimal set for anything larger. If you need extra complexity you can use different characters using this screen.

Any characters can be used as long as they are single Unicode characters (addressable by a 4 digit hexadecimal number). Values can be any strictly positive integers but must be entered in ascending sequence. A check is made to ensure no duplication of the Unicode number but this does not guarantee that the character is not duplicated, for example, the character B can be 0042 – Latin capital b, 0392 – Greek capital beta, 0412 – Russian capital v.

Add this Char Adds the selected Character and Value into the Character set
UICCan enter any valid Unicode number (4 digit hexadecimal) here to select the appropriate Character. Alternatively select the character set and then select the character – both from the panels at the right
Value Optional. Default is last Value + 1
Alternatively… Brings up a choice of some standard character sets such as numbers/ Letters/ Hexadecimal
Done Only becomes active once all characters have been entered

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